Nature Boy Epilogue

So the raccoon came back negative for rabies, which I kind of expected. There is one thing that should be clarified near the end of Nature Boy.

When I said it was "...with only the slightest twinge of anxiety...." that I turned on the silo.... that was a lie. It was "slight" only because I was doing chores earlier than normal due to Kelly's play rehearsals. I wasn't out there during prime 'coon scouting time. The first time I was turning on the silos and it was dark, there was major anxiety!

And when the time came that I turned on the silo and silage didn't come down quite like it should and something in the recess' of my mind clicks, and the hair on the back of my neck stands on end.... Well, I was instantly aware that the dogs were at the far end of the feed bunk, about 100 feet away, and when that raccoon dropped in a heap to the bottom of the chute—which answers the question of whether they come down feet first or head first--let me tell you I came flying out from between those two silo's, screaming ( a very manly scream I am proud to say) "AAAAHHHHH!!! GET IT !! GET IT !! GET IT !!"

And the dogs chased it down and I stayed way back and let them take care of it.

And who say's I am to old to learn from my mistakes... you don't have to bite me more than once to figure it out. And now the raccoon are pretty well gone from the silo's until next winter. I will try to remember what I have learned.

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